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Timor-Leste Advisory Project

Timor_Leste_3.JPGTimor-Leste is one of the world's youngest countries, having gained full independence in 2002 following more than 400 years of colonial rule by Portugal and a quarter century of occupation by Indonesia.  It is also one of the poorer countries in Asia, yet with tremendous potential for rapid development. Timor-Leste has vast oil wealth that it intends to invest in the infrastructure and human capital of the country.  If successful, this kind of investment-led growth could spur extraordinarily rapid economic development.  The challenge is to avoid the resource curse and carry out an effective Strategic Development Plan (SDP) that the Government is undertaking in the coming years. 
The Government of Timor-Leste invited the Earth Institute and the Vale Columbia Center to advise on the sustainable management and use of  oil resources, in order to achieve higher living standards and sustainable development.  The advisory work included program analysis in key sectors including infrastructure, health, education, and agriculture; analytical support for public institutions to plan, implement and monitor large public investment projects; and legal and economic analyses of the framework for foreign investment, including in the oil and gas sector.  The objective was to help Timor-Leste to achieve rapid and sustainable development, building a diverse and vibrant economy with a healthy, well-educated, and entrepreneurial society. 

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